Decorating Your Home with Textiles

Decorating with Pillows, Throws, Area Rugs & More!

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Bedroom Textile Decorating

Overview of Decorating with Toss Pillows, Throws & Area Rugs

Decorating your home with textiles can be a great way to add comfort, warmth, colour and style to your living space. With the right fabrics, you can transform any room from dull and lifeless to cozy and inviting. There are many options available when it comes to textiles, from toss pillows and blankets to drapery and tapestries. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next decorating project, this ultimate guide to decorating with textiles is here to help. We’ll go over the different types of textiles, the different ways to use them, and some styling tips to make sure your decor looks the best it can. So get ready to add some texture and personality to your home – this guide will have you looking like a pro in no time.

Decorating with Toss Pillows

When it comes to decorating with textiles, you can choose from a variety of fabrics and materials. Toss pillows are a popular choice, as they are available in an array of colours, patterns, and textures. Blankets and throws can add a warm, inviting touch to any room. Drapery is great for creating privacy or blocking out unwanted light. Tapestries and wall hangings can be used to add colour and pattern to drab walls. And rugs are perfect for making bare floors look cozy and inviting. There’s no limit to the ways you can use textiles to bring your decor ideas to life – so get creative!

Toss pillows are a great way to add comfort and colour to your living space. Not only are they comfortable, but they also come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and fabrics. You can mix and match toss pillows to create an eclectic look or stick to one style for a more uniform appearance. When it comes to styling toss pillows, you’ll want to keep the colours and patterns minimal so as not to distract from the rest of your decor. You can opt for solid coloured pillows that complement your sofa or bring in some texture with patterned pillows like velvet or linen. And don’t forget about size – smaller pillows will look best on larger pieces of furniture like sofas and sectionals, while bigger pillows are perfect for accent chairs or beds.

Decorating with Throw Blankets

Living room styling with textiles

Blankets are one of the most versatile textile decor items. They come in all shapes, sizes and textures – from super soft faux fur to lightweight cotton – so you can find a style that works with any room’s look. Blankets can be draped on couches for extra warmth and comfort or hung over chairs for a cozy look. You can also layer blankets on your bed to add texture and colour, or even use them as wall art! Drape them over furniture or hang them on hooks for a unique and interesting piece of art. No matter how you choose to use them, blankets are an easy way to add texture and personality to any room.

Decorating with Drapery

and Curtains Drapery and curtains are a great way to add visual interest to any room. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they can also dramatically change the look and feel of your space. When it comes to fabric, you have many options available, from light and airy sheers to bold and dramatic velvets. To get the most dramatic look from drapery, the general rule of thumb is to hang the panels as high and as wide as possible. For an even bolder statement, use multiple layers of drapery in different fabrics and textures. 

Sarasota Lake House Drapery

Decorating with Rugs

Rugs are an often overlooked tool when it comes to decorating with textiles, but they can be a great way to add colour and texture to your space. Plus, they’re versatile – you can use a rug to define a living space, provide warmth underfoot, or make a bold statement. When choosing the right rug for your room, consider the size and shape of the room as well as the other elements in the room that you want to enhance. If you have neutral furniture and walls, try adding a colourful patterned rug for some visual interest. Or if you want to make your furniture stand out more, use a solid coloured or subtly patterned rug. Whichever route you decide to take, rugs are a great way to make any room feel cozier and more inviting.

Home office with area rug

Tips for Styling Your Textiles

When styling your textiles, one of the most important things to consider is colour. As with any decorating project, it pays to think in terms of a colour palette – an overarching selection of colours that will be used throughout your home for continuity. When selecting fabrics for different areas of your home, try to stick to a similar colour palette so that everything works together nicely. You can also use texture and pattern to add visual interest and depth to your room – just be sure not to go overboard and create too much chaos. A great way to bring texture into a space is through toss pillows or blankets – they’re both versatile enough that you can mix and match different patterns and textures without overwhelming the eye. Finally, remember that balance is key when it comes to decorating with textiles. Try grouping items in odd numbers (three looks better than two) for a more visually appealing look.

Primary Bedroom Textile Decorating
Sarasota Primary Bedroom


Decorating with textiles can be a fun and creative way to make your home look and feel inviting. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or texture, there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling your space with pillows, blankets, drapery and rugs. When it comes to selecting the right textiles for your decor, consider how they fit into the overall look and feel of your space. With the right combination of colors, prints and textures, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that speaks to you and your personality.

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