About Us

Our passion is helping people find joy in every aspect of their life. Whether that be by creating a space that they love or helping them find the perfect gift to give. We are a brick and mortar and online company, specializing in furnishings, decor and gifts.

Hi! We’re Leanne & Heather – the owners of Simone & Ivy – Beautiful Living. We believe there are enough complications in the world – creating a space you love should not be one of them! Our partnership was an unexpected, but beautiful and soul filling collaboration. Our true passion is to help our customers and clients execute comfort and beauty in their own spaces and lives!

How it all started...

I’m Leanne of the Leanne & Heather duo! I’m the founder, and one of the owning partners of Simone & Ivy. In 2017 when I moved to the St. Albert area – after selling my window covering franchises in Regina, Saskatchewan – I craved a “feel good” store where I could surround myself with beautiful decor, gifts and flowers.

Living in Edmonton, and building a home in St. Albert, I struggled to find this kind of store that I had been imaging. That’s how Simone & Ivy became a reality – I built what I couldn’t find! With a passion for interiors, and over 10 years as a window covering franchise owner, I decided that St. Albert was the perfect community to create a whole home solution with furnishings, window coverings, decor, gifts, floral and design service boutique.

My dream was to make this boutique about much more than just the products within it. I wanted to create an environment where our customer’s were inspired to visit, left with more energy and excitement than when they came, and always felt welcome.

I wanted to create a team of people that believed in making every customer’s visit and interaction an “experience”, and whose presence radiated creativity and passion for helping our customers create their own beautiful spaces.

I wanted to create a company that was involved in their community – able to provide jobs for local employees, support community initiatives, and contribute to local charities and fundraisers. And, that’s what I did. Where did the store name of Simone & Ivy come from? Well, that’s an easy one for me. The store is named after my mom and grandmother – strong, compassionate farm women who believed in service above self every step of the way. So, in June of 2019, I opened the doors to Simone & Ivy, and we have been growing, adapting and continuing to dream ever since.


Hello! Lovely to meet you – I’m Heather, and this is my Simone & Ivy story. I remember it like it was yesterday – walking into Simone & Ivy on it’s first day of opening, and thinking – I need to meet the amazing visionary who created this place. The only way I can describe it, is that it felt like home.

From that moment on, I was on a mission to meet Leanne and I found myself dreaming of being a part of what she started…some how, some way. That dream did become a reality! I did meet Leanne and we both felt a connection that led us to where we are today.

I became a very loyal Simone & Ivy customer. Every time I ventured into the big city from our dairy farm, I made sure I allotted some time to pop in and see what was new and beautiful at the store! This grew from me picking up items for my own home…to helping friends create spaces that they love in their homes. I have always had a love for interior design, organization and creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Over the course of the following year, conversations led to connections over shared core values and parallel levels of passion and enthusiasm, which led to a partnership.

Our first year in business brought us more challenges and opportunities to grow than we may have been hoping for….enter a global pandemic, forced closures, illness within our families and having to rebuild our team and company for the new world we are living in. We would not change a thing. We are thankful for the opportunity to do what we love and more importantly to share that with others.

The team of amazing women we work and do life with every day continue to inspire and push us to be better. And, we are so excited for what lies ahead….because we are just getting started