Decorating Your Home for Fall - Home Decor Trends for Fall

Home Decor Trends for Fall 2023 - Decorating Your Home for Fall

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Hi Friends!

I'm so excited to share the beautiful trends that are here for  Fall 2023. First off, fall is my FAVOURITE season of the year. I know, I know....summer's over which is a bummer - the beaches, the tans, friends, bbq's and a nice crisp white wine for the odd lunch (that can't just be me), right? BUT fall has so much to offer too!


In addition to the pumpkin spice latte's, the beauty of the changing leaves, and of course mulled cider candles, fall also brings routine back to our families life. AMEN to that!


It's also one of the best decorating seasons, and 2023 doesn't disappoint! This fall's home decorating season has brought deep earthy, warm & natural tones, heavy knit textiles and textured decor. I have always naturally gravitated to a warmer palette, over crisp and clean - so yay for me - this season fills up my decorating heart!

What's "IN" for Home Decorating Fall 2023?

1. Heavy Weighted Textiles

These are the types of fabrics that in my words - make me feel safe. They have the weight that visually feels heavy, the texture that snuggles you in, and the colours that create a sense of calm. This fall you will want to add velvets, heavy knits and corduroys to your home decor (and closet while you're at it). 


Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate these textiles into your home:

Heavy Knits

Heavy Knits - Throw a heavy knit over a sofa or add it onto the end of a bed or entry bench. If you have an entry that is primarily for "looks", it's also beautiful to add a heavy knit to a hook - nothing says "welcome friends" like a well seasonally styled entry with some cute rubber boots, a velvet hat and a hanging throw! 

Velvets & Cordouroy

Velvets & Corduroy -  Adding pillows or small decor items can make an impactful change for each seasons home decorating. Exchanging a current decor item with a small fabric pumpkin on a shelf or entryway console  is a simple way to make a big impact.

2. Deep, Rich, Earthy & Organic Colours

Light and bright is taking a back seat this season to warm hues of mochas, hazelnuts, deep burgundy's and olive greens that evoke a sense of nature and coziness. These colours can add depth and warmth to your wardrobe or home decor creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Adding in some earthy colours, textures and fabrics into your current decor and furnishings is easy!

Here are a few ideas that might inspire you in your own space:

Adding /Changing Toss Pillows

Changing your toss pillows for the fall season is one of the “biggest bang's for your buck” that you're going to get. You don't necessarily have to change all of your toss pillows – you may just add one that is on trend for the season with your current collection. To find out more about decorating with toss pillows, check out our other blog - Decorating with Pillows, Throws, Area Rugs & More!

Replacing Current Decor

Our philosophy at Simone & Ivy is that 80-90% of your home decor should be timeless. This is for several reasons: a) it's not so overwhelming to move into different seasons, b) it doesn't cost as much to move into the next season, and c) we don't want to “vomit" (excuse me, but that's the best way I can give you a visual of what I'm trying to say) the current season's decor throughout your home. 

Adding in subtle, intentional and beautiful decor is the best way to keep your home feeling high end and curated.

It is as simple as changing out the scent of the candle or replacing one piece of decor in the entry with something that says the new season has arrived  (aka - a pumpkin instead of an object).

Changing Artwork

Large or small, the tones and images of artwork can make such an impact in a room. Perhaps it's just a small piece of art in the kitchen or bathroom, or something larger like that of an entryway. This fall you want to look for calming, moody and earthy colours to really set the vibe for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. 

Investing in multiple pieces of art for the same space in your home not only changes the mood in your home, but it's also fun for you - the homeowner. Changing and rotating decor is fun - and often provides the inspiration you need to move into the next season with excitement.

3. Natural & Timeless Faux Stems

Fall faux stems are a great way to bring the beauty of the season indoors. With their vibrant colours and realistic textures, they can instantly add a touch of autumn to your home decor. Whether you choose faux pumpkins, fall leaves, or branches, these stems can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of fall.

Decorating Your Home for Fall - Summary

Changing and decorating your home for fall should be fun & easy! Don't overcomplicate things - hopefully sharing these trends and ideas gives you some inspiration to get started. 
But first, light a fall candle - I promise, it helps!

Nice to Meet You - We're Simone & Ivy!

Ok, actually, we're Leanne & Heather, but still nice to meet you! 

We are the faces and hearts behind a company called Simone & Ivy (named after Leanne's mom and grandma) that serves our customers everything home!

We're here to be your home styling inspiration & your solution for earthy, organic spaces.

Our store provides furnishings, home decor, art, area rugs, marketplace items and so much more to Canada & the US.

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